User Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Software
    1. License Agreement
    2. Product Download
      1. Choosing a Download Method
      2. Estimating Download Times
      3. How to Download
    3. Product Search
    4. Product Orders

    User Manual

    License Agreement

    In some cases you may be presented with a "click-wrap" license agreement that requires you to read and agree to certain terms and conditions regarding the installation and use of your software before you are allowed to access the "Product Download" page.

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    Product Download

    The "Product Download" page is accessed from the "Product Information" page. From the "Product Download" page, you can download software, release notes, documentation, etc. The "Product Download" page also gives you access to additional functionality and information about your software.

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    Choosing a Download Method

    The download service offers various download methods from which you can choose:

    Browser FTP: This method uses the browser's ability to download files over the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). It is a reliable and simple method for downloading products.

    HTTPS: This browser-based method uses encrypted Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) to download files. HTTPS has lower performance than FTP, but since it uses the same transfer protocol as viewing web pages, it can be used reliably if your firewall blocks FTP.

    Browser FTP is the default download option, which activates when you click on the "Download" button on the "Product Download" page. To access alternative options, click on the Advanced Download Options link under the "Download" button.

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    Estimating Download Times

    The link to "Estimated Times and Details" provides you with a matrix indicating the name of the file you are downloading and the estimated download time based on the file size and your bandwidth. These times are estimates and can vary depending on a number of factors, including your system speed and network congestion.

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    How to Download

    To download using the default Browser FTP method:

    1. Click on the "Download" button. This should open a "Save As..." dialog box.
    2. Choose where you would like to save the file and click the "Save" button.

    To download using other methods:

    1. Click on the "Advanced Download Options" link located directly below the "Download" button.
    2. Click on the desired download method.
    3. Follow the customized instructions.

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    Product Search

    The Product Search feature enables users of your account to locate available software or documentation by searching for elements of the product description or file name. For example, searching for "unix" to find all versions that include the word "unix" in the product name or description. To use the search function, type the word or phrase for which you wish to search into the text box. The application will return a list of products containing the word(s) you entered. To search for an exact phrase, surround it with quotes (example: "128 bit"). The search function is not case-sensitive, so you do not need to worry about capitalization.

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    Product Orders

    The Product Orders functionality of your site provides you with valuable information regarding your software orders.

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